Every class at the Center for Yoga has students with diverse levels of experience. You are welcome as you are… brand new to yoga or with years of practice behind you! Each experience will be new and there will always be someone you can follow (ask the teacher to direct you to a spot where a seasoned practitioner lies!) Although all of our classes can be physically challenging, students will find the yoga room to be a truly non-judgmental environment. The emphasis is always on the breath, at first building and then maintaining it as the primary focus throughout the practice. All are welcome!

Hot Vinyasa

  • energetic class that uses a flowing series of postures to create heat
  • the teacher walks the class through the flow together a few times, then each student moves at his or her own pace
  • good for new students who are physically active, interested in the fitness benefits of yoga, and want to dive right in
  • practice is typically accompanied by more up-beat music

Yin Yoga

  • Yin Yoga is a completely seated practice.  Each posture is typically held for 5 - 8 minutes allowing you to move deep into the connective tissues
  • This practice is great for new students who want to start to become aware of the holding patterns within the body, athletes looking to stretch and soothe their muscles, and anyone who wants to leave feeling like they just got a deep tissue massage!

Candlelight Vinyasa

  • evening vinyasa (see vinyasa yoga) practice lit by candles
  • emphasis on releasing tension that may have been accumulated throughout your day
  • accompanied by a wide range of music
  • finishes with a long sivasana (resting pose)…perfect way to end your day!

Community Yoga

  • Slowburn style class
  • Bring a mat and towel
  • good for everyone!


  • this class is an inward journey, articulating breath and posture in such a way that students begin to explore feeling postures, rather than seeing poses
  • from the slow progressive sequences, to the longer holding postures, the entire body and mind are brought into balance in this focused yet calming class
  • in this class students are encouraged to explore all the benefits of each posture within the boundaries and framework of their own individual expressions
  • from the first yoga class to the development of a daily practice, this class is meant to serve all students

Follow the Yogi - Ashtanga Yoga

  • the teacher leads the class through his or her own morning practice, based on a traditional ashtanga yoga practice
  • postures are called out in Sanskrit
  • good for students new to the Center For Yoga who may have previous yoga experience, or students who wish to deepen their personal practice
  • practice is always without music
  • a quiet and dim room
  • class is followed by an optional seated meditation approximately 20 minutes
  • class does not meet on moon days*


Moon Days 2018  //

NEW Monday, May 14 

FULL Tuesday, May 29 

NEW Wednesday, June 13 

FULL Wednesday, June 27 

NEW Thursday, July 12 

FULL Friday, July 27 

FULL Friday, August 10 

FULL Monday, September 24 

NEW Monday, October 8 

FULL Wednesday, October 24 

NEW Wednesday, November 7 

FULL Thursday, November 22 

NEW Thursday, December 6